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25位商界领袖寄语公务航空 - No Plane No Gain


25位商界领袖讲述公务航空如何帮助他们的企业创造了价值,让事实验证公务航空产业为推动经济发展做出的贡献 -- No Plane, No Gain。


25位商界领袖讲述公务航空如何帮助他们的企业创造了价值,让事实验证公务航空产业为推动经济发展做出的贡献 -- No Plane, No Gain。



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For more than 50 years, business aviation has helped me effectivelycompete all around the world in both golf and in business from my hometown inLatrobe, PA.


Business aviation has given me an important edge. It hasallowed me to be in more places in less time than the competition. As a result,it has given me more opportunities to succeed.


Turns out I am not alone in recognizing the benefits ofbusiness aviation. In a highly competitive global marketplace, thousands of successfulleaders have come to rely on this important mode of transportation. Thispublication features the leaders of some of those organizations, and I think itdemonstrates something I have been saying for years, ‘No Plane No Gain.'

-- Arnold Palmer (阿诺德·丹尼尔·帕尔默)


人物介绍:阿诺德·丹尼尔·帕尔默(Arnold Daniel Palmer,1929年9月10日-),美国著名职业高尔夫球手。自1955年起,他获得过数十个PGA巡回赛及冠军巡回赛的冠军。自1950年代电视体育节目得到普及之后,帕尔默是美国第一位广为人知的体育明星,他的高超球技和迷人风度吸引了大批球迷,也得到了“国王”这一昵称。同时,在高尔夫运动的推广过程中,他与杰克·尼克劳斯(Jack Nicklaus)、加里·普莱尔(Gary Player)并称“高球三巨头”。





Enhance Productivity


Business aviation has been an integral part of FedEx's success since the day we were founded. The military calls it a ‘force multiplier,' and that's what business aircraft have been for FedEx. They've given us the capability to fight above our weight, and with the enormous global network we have in place today, they allow our people to move around the world in a much more efficient and productive fashion than would have been the case had we not operated with business aircraft.


FACT: Among Business Week/Interbrand’s “100 Best Brands,” 98 percent of the companies in the list are business aircraft users.


-- Frederick W. Smith (弗雷德里克·史密斯)


人物介绍:弗雷德里克·华莱士·史密斯(Frederick W. Smith,1944年8月11日-)是联邦快递的创办人、董事长、总裁兼执行长。1971年,他成立了联邦快递公司,把自己的所有积蓄投入了这家企业。今天,联邦快递公司已经在220个国家和地区开展业务,拥有654架飞机和4.3万辆汽车。2014福布斯全球亿万富豪榜排名第506位。



Turn Travel Time Into Work Time


Our company's accomplishments working on the leading edge, and my usefulness, would be far less were it not for business aviation. Our people in the home office seldom spend more than one day round trip, which enables them to get their rest and have balanced lives while avoiding the congestion of airports.


FACT: Surveys have shown that a large majority of companies use business aircraft to fly into locations that have little or no scheduled service.

-- Herb Kohler (赫布·科勒)


人物介绍:赫布·科勒(Herb Kohler),科勒(Kohler)公司主席兼CEO。创立于1873年的美国科勒(Kohler)公司是迄今美国最庞大的家族企业之一。一百三十余年来,科勒秉承着恒久不变的企业精神,致力于使"每一件科勒产品都展现那个时代的最高水准"。



Help All Employees Succeed


At Valero, the business airplane is a tool for our employees. We send teams of our people where they need to go quickly and efficiently.


FACT: Surveys have shown that the majority of the time, mid-level

employees are the passengers aboard business aircraft.


-- Joe Gorder


人物简介:Joe Gorder,美国瓦莱罗能源公司(Valero Energy Corp)总裁兼CEO。瓦莱罗能源是北美最大的炼油企业,成立于1955年,于1997年改成现有名称,总部位于达拉斯圣安东尼奥市。公司在美国和加拿大拥有和经营精炼厂,它有大约二百万BPD的联合传输能力,这使它称为国内顶级石油产品精炼商之一。Valero 并且是国家主导的零售经营商之一,它在美国和加拿大以包括Diamond Shamrock, Ultramar, Valero, Beacon 和Total的各种品牌经营零售批发市场。



Realize Your Company’s Full Potential


Business aviation is a business tool that helps Bass Pro Shops in its mission to inspire people to love, enjoy and conserve the great outdoors.

FACT: Business aviation allows companies to reach clients and customers quickly and efficiently.

-- Johnny Morris


人物简介:Johnny Morris,美国户外用具零售商Bass Pro Shops创始人。成立于上世纪70年代的Bass Pro Shops目前店铺分布在美国26个州及加拿大部分地区,店铺总数达56家,每年人流量达上亿次。除实体店铺经营外,Bass Pro Shops还在全球进行目录直销及网上在线销售,其旗下的Rod & Gun产品零售网络遍布全球7000多个独立店铺。



Stay Connected


Today's demanding business environment requires the same level of connectivity that executives have in the office while in the air traveling to business meetings. At Honeywell, we understand that business aviation is at the forefront of delivering a connected aircraft that enables us to be as productive in the air as we are on the ground.


FACT: Business aircraft are like offices in the sky, with cabins set up so employees can discuss projects, collaborate on presentations and stay connected through email, web access and even teleconferencing.


-- David M. Cote(高德威)


人物介绍:高德威(David M. Cote),霍尼韦尔(Honeywell)公司董事长兼CEO。霍尼韦尔是一家国际性从事自控产品开发及生产的公司,公司成立于一八八五年,有超过百年历史的国际公司,一九九六年,被美国"财富"在杂志评为最受推崇的20家高科技企业之一。是一家销售额为333.7亿美元(2011年度),在多元化技术和制造业方面占世界领导地位的跨国公司(500强排名280位)。



Optimize Efficiency and Flexibility


Business aviation takes Salamander Hotels & Resorts to new heights by putting us on the ground where we're needed most.


FACT: With business aircraft, travel itineraries can be adjusted in real time, optimizing a company’s ability to serve clients and customers and respond to opportunities.

-- Sheila C. Johnson

Salamander Hotels & Resorts



Help Key Employees Reach Key Locations


For Sanderson Farms, business aviation provides quick and efficient access to our locations so we can provide the hands-on management our industry demands.


FACT: With business aviation, teams of managers can travel from headquarters to distant facilities for on-site decision-making.


--Joe F. Sanderson


人物介绍:Joe F. Sanderson,桑德森饲养场公司(Sanderson Farms, Inc.)董事长兼CEO。该司为一综合性的家禽处理公司,专门从事生鲜与冷冻鸡只的生产、处理与销售。销售对象为美国东南部、西南部以及西部的零售商、经销售、以及速食餐厅业者。尽管是由独立的饲养场来饲养小鸡,不过公司本身也经营了5处孵蛋所、4处饲料工厂、以及6处鸡只处理厂,这些工厂大多集中在密西西比州及德州。



Go Multiple Places In A Day


Enterprise is all about helping people and companies get where they need to go, when they need to get there. We are there for them, and business aviation is there for us. Using business aircraft allows us to visit three and four cities in a single day, and that's just not possible with any other mode of transportation.


FACT: Surveys have shown that many companies use a business airplane to fly mostly into small community airports not served by the airlines.


-- Andrew C. Taylor


人物介绍:Andrew Taylor,企业控股有限公司(Enterprise Holdings)执行董事。创建于1957年的Enterprise是一家非常具有传奇性的租车企业,它以17辆汽车起家,先后超越美国老牌租车企业安飞士、赫兹成为北美乃至全世界最大的租车企业。Enterprise Holdings位列福布斯美国最大私营企业排行榜第15位,公司属于泰勒家族,总部在密苏里州的圣路易斯市。在美国覆盖了90%的美国全国人口。2011年Enterprise Holdings营收超过140亿美元,拥有和经营着120多万辆轿车和卡车,公司无论营收规模、员工数量和车队规模上都是全球最大的汽车租赁企业。



Move Parts And Equipment


Business aviation has been an essential tool in helping to make WeatherTech a world-class brand. It has allowed me to move sensitive equipment in a timely fashion.


FACT: Business aircraft can be used to move parts and equipment that are too big to fit in an airliner’s overhead bin or too delicate to store in a cargo hold.


-- David Macneil

Founder and CEO




Quickly Turn Ideas Into Action


Operations within Klein Tools are made much more productive and efficient through our use of business aviation.


FACT: With business aircraft, employees can quickly make travel plans to pursue new ideas and potential markets.


-- Thomas Klein


Klein Tools, Inc.



Be In The Right Place At The Right Time


By allowing me to be in more places in less time, business aviation keeps Life Time Fitness a strong and healthy company.



FACT: Studies have shown that average annual revenue growth is higher for companies using business aviation than for companies that do not use business aviation.


-- Bahram Akradi

Chairman and CEO

Life Time Fitness



Travel Securely


In today's global economy, business leaders of global companies like United Technologies must travel extensively to serve their customers effectively and take advantage of opportunities as they arise around the world. Business aviation affords our busy executives the most efficient means of transportation and provides the secure, collaborative environment they need to be productive while traveling.


FACT: Among Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies,” 95 percent are business aircraft users.


-- Louis R.Chênevert

Chairman and CEO

United Technologies Corporation



Increase Mobility


With 87 locations in five states, business aviation allows me to be face-to-face with team members and customers.


FACT: Business aviation allows a company to strategically deploy employee teams to simultaneously meet competing demands at multiple locations.


-- Brian Mccoy


McCoy's Building Supply



Maximize Efficiency


Business aviation is a valuable tool FirstEnergy uses to better manage our travel time and improve employee productivity.


FACT: Surveys have shown that employees very often use their time onboard company aircraft more effectively and productively than when they are on airline flights.


-- Anthony J. Alexander

President and CEO





Access Any Town, Anytime


Ours is not just an airplane. It is a lifeline to medically under-served communities that span four time zones.


FACT: Business aircraft are able to fly into thousands of airports in communities across the U.S.


-- Dr. Michael Gregory


Apogee Physicians




Ensure Success Companywide


All over the world, business aviation helps SEL make electric power safer, more reliable and more economical. Our company is 100-percent employee owned, and over 2,000 of our employee-owners have flown on SEL's company planes.


FACT: Surveys have shown that the majority of the time, top company executives are not the people on board business aircraft.


-- Dr. Ed Schweitzer


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories



Beat the Competition


Auctions are competitive. Business aviation helps Auction.com succeed.


FACT: A business airplane helps a company be more nimble, efficient and successful than its competitors.


-- Monte Koch

Vice Chairman and Co-Founder




Operate From Anywhere


General aviation enables us to grow Crutchfield Electronics to better serve our customers.


With business aircraft, companies can be located in smaller towns, yet still reach clients and customers in larger markets.


-- William G. Crutchfield, Jr.

Founder and CEO

Crutchfield Electronics



Build Strong Relationships


In today's highly competitive global environment, building strong relationships is critical to achieving business success. Whether it's reaching out to customers from our Cedar Rapids, IA, headquarters or connecting our l



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